Yeah, successful test of PureMaps with offline navigation thanks to OSMScout on my devices by @ubports. It works very quickly and reliably. Perfect routing. Battery consumption is phenomenally low. Thanks for your work! @Jonius and all other

FirefoxQuantum works on my OneplusOne and Tablet M10FHD with @ubports and with the LibertineTweakTool i can switch the scale between input by touch or by keyboard and mouse.

News from by @ubports there is a new app called and libertine runs fine with it. Thanks for that πŸ‘ 2 pictures with LibreOfficeDraw on OneplusOne with . Picture 1 without LibertineTweakToolApp, picture 2 with LibertineTweakToolApp.

There is TELEports 0.3.0 (BETA) in the pipe. Thanks @ubports and thanks to the devs of πŸ‘

Do you want to use on your mobile device ? It's simple to install it in Libertinecontainer and use it with bluetooth mouse and keyboard.
Thanks @UBports

@UBports @ubports is getting better and better by a strong and friendly community πŸ‘
The dark theme is my favorite 🀩

I suggest the 50mm for you. It's very good for small cash. For example a pic:

My clean Kubuntu 18.04 desktop. Pure workspace, no trash πŸ––

Firefox now running on OneplusOne with @UBports . I modified the scaling and firefox is practicable to use by fingertip.

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